What do "user" and "role" mean in an Airwallex account?

You can create log-in details for members of your organisation that need to access your Airwallex account.

User: The operator. Depending on the needs of your organisation, you can add multiple employees as users in addition to yourself, and assign a corresponding role to each user to achieve customised rights management. Each user needs to log in with their own email address and password.

Depending on specific needs, you can assign a specific role to the users of your employees, so that you can ensure the security of your information and funds on a multi-faceted basis.

Role: To give you better control over what level of access users have, you can create a number of different roles with varying permissions, around transaction authorisation, wallet, conversion, payment and other functions, and keep the account secure. You can assign view or edit access, or hide complete sections from users depending on what fields they need access to.

⚠️Note: You can assign the same role to multiple users at the same time.



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