Creating a Global Account

Global Accounts are international bank accounts created around the world to facilitate a more seamless flow of funds, from international customers and marketplaces to your wallet.

This guide will walk you through the process to create a new Global Account to begin collecting internationally.


1. Navigate to Global Accounts in the sidebar

To see your existing Global Accounts, (and new accounts), navigate to Wallet > Global Accounts page in the sidebar on the left of the screen.



2. Create new Global Account

Click the + New Global Account button in the top right of the screen.


2.1 Select the currency for this new account

Clicking Account currency will open a dropdown menu of the available currencies for your new Global Account. Selecting a currency will automatically update the Bank location for this account.




2.2 Assign account nickname

Your account name is automatically assigned as your Business name, you can update the account nickname for your own references


3. Review applicable fees

Depending on the account currency selected, a set of applicable fees will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Make sure to take note of these fees, as any funds received via this account will be subject to these fees.




For your reference, you can also see which local payment network this account will connect to.

Once you have reviewed these details, click Create account.


4. Account confirmation and details

The confirmation screen will show all details of your newly created Global account. This information will show your bank account numbers, selected currency, and bank location. From here you can also download an Account Statement as proof of account.




Your account is now ready to begin receiving local payments from international customers and partners.



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