Creating a Global Account

What is a Global Account?

Global Accounts are international bank accounts created around the world to facilitate a more seamless flow of funds, from international customers and marketplaces to your wallet.

How to create a Global Account

  1. Video Tutorial
  2. Step by Step Guide

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

1. Navigate to Global Accounts in the sidebar

To see your existing Global Accounts and create new accounts navigate to Wallet > Global Accounts on the left hand side of your Airwallex account


2. Create new Global Account

Click the "Create Global Account" button on the top right hand side of the screen


3. Select the  country and currency for this new account

This page will show you the countries you can create a Global account in as well as the currencies that the Global accounts can accept.

Clicking the 'i' on the side of a country will show you the different payment methods through which you can receive funds via this global account.


4. Assign account nickname and create account

Your Legal entity name is automatically assigned as your Global Account name. You can set an account nickname for your own reference. This can be edited later if you wish.

Select "Create Global Account"


5. Account confirmation and details

The confirmation screen will show all details of your newly created Global account. Such as Bank account name and number, account currency, bank location and account capabilities.

Once you click 'Done' you can view this new account again at any time by clicking the Wallet > Global Accounts


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