I made a mistake with my conversion

Some common issues made when creating conversions include:
- Choosing the incorrect currency
- Entering the incorrect amount

Can I cancel my conversion?

Once your conversion is created, it's not possible to cancel it and therefore you'll need to settle any conversion booked*.
If the status of your conversion is Converted - then the money has already settled in your wallet. You can create another conversion if you need to convert your money back to the original currency. Follow our guide here.

If the status is Funds Pending or Overdue, you may need to top up your wallet to settle the conversion. Read here to see how.

If you’re having trouble settling a conversion, you can reach out to our Support Team here.

*Please note, if you are an API customer, you may have the ability to amend conversions in some cases. Please see more information in our API Docs here.

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