How can I cancel or revert a currency exchange?

Once a conversion has been booked within your Airwallex account, it cannot be cancelled. To settle the conversion, you are required to fund your account with the source amount (referred to as 'sell currency'). If you wish to retrieve the sell currency that you have just converted, we suggest booking a reverse conversion to repurchase it. However, please be aware that fees apply each time you book a conversion with us.

If you fail to fund your conversions on the selected conversion date, it will be considered as overdue. It is important that you settle this as soon as possible. Airwallex will aim to send you a reminder to settle such conversions. If the conversions remain unsettled, we may take further action in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. This may involve unwinding your positions at the prevailing FX Exchange Rate and passing any resulting gain or loss on to you.

If you’re having trouble settling a conversion, you can reach out to our support team for assistance.

Note: If you are an API customer, you may have the ability to amend conversions in some cases. Please see more information in our API Docs here.