How do I update details on my account? (email, phone number, 2FA preference)

This article explains how to update the following details within your Airwallex account:

  1. Login email address and phone number
  2. Primary contact email and phone number
  3. Two-factor authentication (2FA) details

Important: Updating your details in one area will NOT update them anywhere else
For example, if you update your login email address and phone number, this will not update the email address or phone number used for your primary contact details or your two-factor authentication.

You will therefore need to change your email address and phone number for each separate function.

1. Update your personal and login details

What are your personal and login details?

  • The details that you personally use to login to your Airwallex account
  • This will not change the details used for your two-factor authentication, nor will it update the details for the primary contact on your Airwallex account

What can you update?

  • Your name
  • Your login email address
  • Your login phone number

How can I update these details?

Step 1. Go to the 'Profile' section of your account.

Step 2. Click 'Edit name', 'Edit email' or 'Edit mobile' to update your details.



2. Update primary contact details

What are your primary contact details?

This will be Airwallex's main point of contact for all communication related to your business' entire Airwallex account such as notifications, emails, calls from your account manager and customer support. These details should belong to the person in your company who will be managing your Airwallex account.

Please note that this is not your login information. These are the contact details that will receive automatic notifications about payments, and that your Account Manager and our customer support team will use as a main point of contact.

What can you update?

  • Primary contact's name
  • Primary contact's email address
  • Primary contact's phone number

How can I update these details?

Step 1. Click 'Account'


Step 2. Scroll down the 'Account details' page until you see 'Contact information'. Click 'Edit'.


Step 3. Change the details you want, then click 'Save'


Step 4. All done! 🎉


3. Update your two-factor authentication details

What are your two-factor authentication details?

  • The phone number you use to receive SMS notifications to securely login to your Airwallex account
  • The authenticator app you use to generate a code to securely login to your Airwallex account

What can you update?

  • Your two-factor authentication preference (SMS / Authenticator app)
  • Phone number that receives the SMS code (if you have the SMS option enabled)

How can I update these details?

Step 1. Head to your User profile > Security

Step 2. Next to the 2FA section, select “Edit” for your 2FA methods

Step 3. Follow the prompts to update!