Does Airwallex have a mobile phone app that I can download to use?

Yes! Airwallex has iOS and Android mobile apps that you can download on compatible devices at the App Store or Google Play Store, with new features regularly released.

The following capabilities are currently supported on our mobile apps:


Cards, Expenses, Bills

Capability iOS Android
Viewing card details Supported Supported
Activating physical cards Supported Supported
Freezing cards Supported Supported
Cancelling cards Supported Not yet supported
Editing card limits Supported Not yet supported
Submitting expenses Supported Supported
Approving expenses Supported Supported
Approving bills Supported Not yet supported



Capability iOS Android
Creating transfer to existing recipient Supported Supported
Creating transfer to new recipient Supported Not yet supported
Approving transfers Supported Not yet supported

Wallet, Global Accounts, Conversions


Capability iOS Android
Viewing available balance Supported Supported
Viewing wallet transactions Supported Supported
Viewing global accounts and sharing details Supported Supported
Conversions on today’s date Supported Not yet supported

Push notifications


Capability iOS Android
Card transactions failed or succeeded Supported Supported
Reminders to submit expenses Supported Supported
Reminders to approve expenses Supported Supported
Low wallet balance Supported Supported
Conversion rate alert Supported Supported

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