Who can open an account with Airwallex?

Airwallex supports Business Accounts, that are used strictly for the purpose of business transactions where goods or services are sold, either to a business or an individual. Due to different restrictions and regulations, there are a few limitations on the types of businesses and transactions we can support. Please see below to better understand if we can support your business. 

Can I open a personal account as an individual?

Currently we only offers Business Accounts, and do not support personal accounts for individuals. 

Which business industries are supported? 

Certain business types are restricted from using Airwallex due to government regulations and/or increased risk of money laundering and terrorism financing. These include but are not limited to investment firms, arms dealers, gambling companies, pharmaceutical companies and charities.

To see the full list, please see our Terms & Policies by region. 

Which business locations are supported?

You can see our full list of supported countries here

Currently we cannot onboard businesses with UBO/directors that reside in Russia or Belarus. If you are a Russian or Belarusian citizen but have a valid residence permit in a non-prohibited/sanctioned country, then there is no restriction to onboard.

As a global business providing financial services, we will continue to comply with all applicable economic sanctions laws that are legally binding upon the business.