Which currencies can I create transfers in?

Airwallex currently offers support for both local and SWIFT transfers to 150 countries/regions across more than 40 currencies. We are constantly working to expand our coverage. Please find the complete list of supported currencies below. For more information about our transfer capabilities, please refer to our Payout Network guide.

Supported currencies

United Arab Emirates dirham AED
Argentine peso ARS
Australian dollar AUD
Bangladeshi taka BDT
Bahraini dinar BHD
Bolivian boliviano BOB
Brazilian real BRL
Canadian dollar CAD
Swiss franc CHF
Chilean peso CLP
Chinese yuan CNY
Colombian peso COP
Czech koruna CZK
Danish krone DKK
Egyptian pound EGP
Euro EUR
Pound sterling GBP
Hong Kong dollar HKD
Hungarian forint HUF
Indonesian rupiah IDR
Israeli new shekel ILS
Indian rupee INR
Japanese yen JPY
South Korean won KRW
Sri Lankan rupee LKR
Moroccan dirham MAD
Mexican peso MXN
Malaysian ringgit MYR
Norwegian krone NOK
Nepalese rupee NPR
New Zealand dollar NZD
Peruvian sol PEN
Philippine peso PHP
Pakistani rupee PKR
Polish złoty PLN
Romanian leu RON
Saudi riyal SAR
Swedish krona SEK
Singapore dollar SGD
Thai baht THB
Turkish lira TRY
United States dollar USD
Uruguayan peso UYU
Vietnamese đồng VND
South African rand ZAR

*Table source: Currency Precision

What if the currency I need is not listed above?

We are actively striving to expand our coverage for your transfer needs. If the currency you require is not currently listed, kindly let our customer support team know. We will notify you as soon as Airwallex supports the desired currency.

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