Linking a Global Account to a Marketplace

*This article specifically relates to businesses outside of China who want to send and receive payments to and from China



Register an Airwallex account easily and securely with your email or your mobile phone number.

You can click "Register" via our website or other promotional page, enter your contact name, mobile phone or email, to register for an Airwallex account.


Verify account

Quickly verify your account via email or SMS.

Depending on the registration method you choose, we'll send you verification information via SMS or email. From here, you'll just need to follow the instructions to finish account verification.


Create Global Account

Global Account is an Airwallex collection capability. It provides you with an account number that allows you to collect funds from various platforms such as Amazon, eBay or your merchants via SWIFT and/or domestic connectivity.

You can create Global Account in the WebApp according your requirements, such as the currency and the Global Account location.

You can use your Global Account as settlement account; when money is sent to the Global Account linked to the platform, the money is sent to your Airwallex wallet automatically.

See how your Global Account differs from your Airwallex Wallet


Link Platform

Due to local regulations, payments into various countries may require underlying order details to be submitted. To facilitate information collection and prevent unnecessary delays/rejections, please link your platform account (store) to Global Account.

See how you can find your Amazon seller ID and MWS information


Collection from platform via Global Account

You can easily receive your funds via Global Account from a linked platform. All you need to do is add your Global Account bank details as the receiving account. Please see this article for more details.

See which currencies and payments you can receive via Global Account


Conversion and payout

You may receive your funds from marketplaces in USD, or EUR, but you can convert and payout to other countries in its local currency

Conversions can be booked whenever you need to throughout the day. At times where there is low or no liquidity in FX markets, such as weekends, bid/ask spreads may be wider than during market hours.

Where can you make payments to?

Understanding the maximum payment limit

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