How can I convert money?

To create a currency conversion, head to the Conversions tab of your webapp. We also offer this capability on our iOS app. This guide will walk you through the steps required to book an FX conversion using our Web App. However, if you prefer to use our iOS app, you can download it from the App Store

Additionally, it is important to note that only users with the 'Create' permission under Conversions in User Management will be able to create a conversion. To manage user permissions, please refer to our guide here - User Role Management Guide

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Step 1. Navigate to Conversions in the sidebar

To initiate an FX conversion, please proceed to the Conversions page located under Wallet section on the left-hand side menu.

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Step 2. Select From and To currencies and enter the amount of funds to be converted

By clicking on the From and To currencies, a dropdown menu will be displayed containing the available currencies. Upon selecting a currency, the corresponding wallet balance will be shown. Modifying either of these values will automatically update the other value to reflect the final amount. The displayed exchange rate will remain fixed for a duration of 60 seconds, after which it will refresh automatically.

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Step 3. Select a Conversion date

Please choose the preferred settlement date for the conversion using the provided date picker. If you select today's date, the conversion will be carried out as soon as possible. Alternatively, you have the option to select a future date for the conversion in order to manage forthcoming cash flows. In both scenarios, the exchange rate will be finalized upon confirmation of the booking.

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Step 4. Review and confirm conversion

By clicking on the "Next" button, you will be presented with an overview of the conversion, allowing you to review it before confirming. This page will display the "From" and "To" values, as well as the applicable rates and the "Settlement date". Please note that once you press the "Confirm conversion" button, this conversion cannot be cancelled.

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Step 5. Booking confirmation

A confirmation screen will be displayed, presenting the conversion details. Additionally, an email confirmation will be sent to notify you that the conversion has been successfully scheduled. The conversion will be finalized on the chosen date. Subsequently, the converted currency will be accessible for use in your multi-currency wallet.


For more information on the currencies supported by Airwallex, please refer to our comprehensive list available at the following link:  Supported regions and currencies

  • Pure conversions: These are the currencies that you can convert and hold in your wallet.
  • Convert + Payout: These are the currencies that you can convert when initiating a payout.

We provide a wide range of currencies to ensure that you have convenient access to the specific currencies required for your transactions.