How do I dispute a transaction?


What to do first:

- Freeze or cancel your card, please click here if you are unsure of the process

- Check if the transaction was done by someone who may be authorised to use the card

- Find out if the business could be trading under a different name which has shown up on your statement. You can check by googling the name or looking here: ABN search (for AUS)  and here for the UK Companies house

We do our best to recover your payments, however in some circumstances we will not be able to recover your funds. These include but are not limited to:

- Refunds or exchanges

- Membership or subscription questions 

- Issues with defective or unsatisfactory products or services

Any transaction you wish to dispute, we strongly encourage you to contact the business in order to resolve the issue first. These issues may be resolved with the business directly:

- Duplicate charges

- Cancelled a subscription but was still charged

- Don't receive the product

Once you have put a freeze on your card, please complete the transaction dispute form via the link below.

Please keep in mind that the card dispute must be lodged within 90 days of the transaction.

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