User Team Management Guide

This guide will take you through the functions to manage your teams in your account on the Airwallex Web App platform. 


Manage Teams in Your AccountWhat_s_team.jpg

Levels of team member 

Team lead 
The Team lead can manage the team members, but can’t edit the team. A team can have no team lead or multiple team leads.

The Member can only view their team.


Create a team 

An Owner or Admin can create a team in their account. Once they create the team, they will become a Team Lead of the team A team can have multiple roles. 

To create a team, follow the steps:

  1. Click Teams 
  2. Click Create team 
  3. Input the team name 
  4. Select roles for your team
  5. Click Create team


Add members to join your team 

A Team Lead can add members to join the team. 
To add members to the team, follow the steps:

  1. Click a Team 
  2. Click Add members
  3. Input the user's nickname or email of the person you want to add
  4. Click Add to team


Promote to Team Lead

A Team lead, Owner or Admin can promote members to a Team Lead. 

  1. Click Teams
  2. Find the member you want to assign, and click Promote to Team Lead 


Remove Team Lead

A Team Lead, Owner or Admin can remove members’ team leadership.

  1. Click Teams 
  2. Find the member you want to remove leadership, and click Remove Team lead 


Delete teams 

A Team Lead, Owner or Admin can delete a custom role

  1. Click Teams   
  2. Find the teams you want to delete, and click Delete team 
  3. Confirm and click Yes, Delete