My physical card hasn’t been delivered

This article explains the timeframes for delivery of your Airwallex physical cards. Unfortunately we are not able to track physical cards once they are shipped.

If your card hasn't been delivered yet

Although they’re usually delivered quickly, it can take up to 10-12 business days for your card to be delivered. Please wait for the full timeframe to elapse before ordering a new card.

Unfortunately we're unable to track the delivery of your physical card.


If your card still hasn’t been delivered within 12 business days

Step 1. Freeze your card

You or an Admin on your Airwallex account can freeze your card.

If you have any trouble with this, get in touch with our customer support team, who will freeze your card for you.

Step 2. Order a new card

Only an Admin can order you a new card. Don’t forget to double check your postal address to make sure it’s correct before reordering it.

When you receive your new card, go ahead and cancel your missing card.

Note: we recommend temporarily freezing your card initially rather than cancelling it permanently, just in case it gets delivered shortly after ordering a new card. You can then unfreeze your card, activate it and start using it sooner. Don’t forget to cancel the new card you create.


What should I do if my frozen card gets delivered, after I’ve already ordered a new one?

Unfreeze that card, activate it and start using it!

Don’t forget to cancel the card that’s still on it’s way. When it arrives, cut it into small pieces so that the number and name can't be identified and pop it in the bin.


How should I dispose of my cancelled cards?

To protect your details, make sure that you chop your cards into small pieces so that no one can identify the number or name. Once you've done that, pop them in the bin.