My incoming deposit is missing

If you're waiting for an incoming deposit and it has been more than three days since it was sent, feel free to contact us using the support form.
Please include the following information to help us investigate further:

  1. The date the deposit was sent.
  2. Payment Remittance/Advice or an MT103.
  3. The Global Account details that it was sent to.

Why is my incoming deposit delayed?

We understand that it can be frustrating to wait for an incoming deposit to settle into your account. Unfortunately we won't have any insight until a deposit reaches our direct banking partner for a given deposit, however here are several reasons why it might be taking longer than anticipated for a deposit to settle into your Wallet.

  • Hours of Operation: Not all banks operate on a 24/7 basis, and it is possible that your incoming deposit may have been delayed due to bank closures during weekends or public/national holidays. In addition, if the cut-off time for dispatching/receiving has been exceeded, it may result in an additional business day being added to the processing time.
  • SWIFT Routing: Occasionally, incoming deposits made through SWIFT transfer may experience delays in arrival if they are routed through multiple intermediary banks. To make it easier to conduct a comprehensive investigation, we kindly request our customers to provide our customer support team with an MT103 for incoming deposits of this nature.
  • Potential Mistakes: In the event that incorrect banking details or capabilities are provided, it may result in a delay in receiving an incoming deposit, and it is probable that the deposit will be returned to the sender. Please note that our different Global Accounts are only able to receive specific currencies and transfer methods. To verify the supported currencies and transfer methods for your Global Account, kindly refer to the dashboard where you can access your Global Account details. 

Direct debit deposits

For Direct Debit deposit settlement timeframes, please refer to this guide.