My incoming deposit is missing

If you're waiting for an incoming deposit and it has been more than three days since it was sent, feel free to contact us using the support form.

Please include the following information to help us find it:

  1. The date the deposit was sent.
  2. Payment Remittance/Advice or an MT103.
  3. The Global Account details that it was sent to.

By providing this information, you'll be helping us find your deposit and credit your Airwallex account sooner.

Direct debit deposits

Our direct debit deposits will settle in your account according to the following timeframes:

- If made before 4pm - 2 business days

- If made after 4pm - 3 business days

Unfortunately, there is no way of speeding them up, as these timeframes are set by the bank. So if your deposit is still within these timeframes, please be patient and your deposit will arrive soon.

If your deposit still hasn't settled in your account by close of business on the 3rd day, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

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