Canada Interac e-Transfer Guide

Interac e-Transfer provides a convenient and efficient method for sending and receiving money directly between Canadian banks through online banking. It is compatible with over 250 financial institutions across Canada. Please find participating financial institutions here.

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the following topics:

How to make transfers with Interac e-Transfer?

To send money with Interac e-Transfer, please refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Select Interac e-Transfer as your transfer method
Step 2: Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number

  • If the recipient's email address is registered for Autodeposit, funds will be automatically deposited into your recipient’s bank account. Learn more about Autodeposit here.
  • If the recipient’s email address is not registered for Autodeposit, or you entered the recipient's phone number, you need to define a security question and answer which the recipient must answer correctly to receive the funds.

Step 3: Provide recipient’s name, address, and other additional information
Step 4: Click “create” to make the transfers

Important: Make sure to share the security question and answer with your recipient in order for funds to be deposited successfully.

Security question and answer

The security question and answer serves as an additional security measure to ensure only the sender's intended recipient can receive the payments. The sender may communicate the answer to the security question to the recipient by phone or in person, but for security purposes, the answer to the security question should never be sent in an email or text message.


  • Security question answers are not case sensitive (e.g. “R” and “r” are both recognised as correct)
  • Security question answers cannot contain special characters, such as “@”, “&”, etc.

How does my recipient receive the funds?

Once your transfer has been sent from Airwallex, your recipient will receive a notification from Interac via email or SMS, depending on whether email address or phone number is entered.

Next step:

  • If your recipient’s email is registered for Autodeposit, funds will be automatically deposited into their bank account;
  • Otherwise, they can follow the instructions to login to their online bank account and enter the security answer to deposit the money.

Sample email notification and Interac instructions

How to use my Global Accounts to receive deposits via Interac e-Transfer?

Each Airwallex Global Account in Canada is registered for Autodeposit under an auto-generated, unique email address. When your payers make Interac e-Transfers to your Global Accounts, all they need is this email address. After your payers input this email address in their banking app, your business name usually will appear automatically as the recipient name, giving payers additional assurance that they are transferring to the right recipient. Once the transfer is made, funds will be settled to your Airwallex wallet within minutes without the need to answer security questions.