An admin's guide to paying reimbursement report(s)

This guide will walk you through how to pay reimbursement reports as an Admin on the web. Paying reports is currently not supported via the mobile app.

To pay a report with a transfer, users must have the “Expense admin” permission and the "Transfer - Create/Edit" permission.

Step 1: Log in to your Airwallex account and navigate to Expenses > Reimbursements

Screenshot 181.png

Step 2: Find the list of reports that have been approved and are awaiting payment

Screenshot 182.png

Step 3: Select the report to be paid

Screenshot 183.png

Inside the report, you can see reimbursements with their associated expense form details and receipts. Admins with the relevant permissions will see a new payment tile along the top, which displays the transfer configuration options on the right side.

Alternatively, you can pay multiple reports at the same time, by selecting the checkboxes in the table view for various reports that are “awaiting payment” and selecting “Pay”. From here you will be able to view the relevant details of selected reports and create payments in bulk.

Step 4: Select the funding currency

You can choose which wallet currency to fund the transaction from. For example, if you do not have enough balance in your AUD wallet for an AUD report payment, you can fund the AUD payment from your USD wallet.

Step 5: Select the transfer date

You can select from the available transfer dates for the selected recipient and their transfer method.

Step 6: Confirm payment

Once you’ve made all the relevant selections, you can click “Confirm payment” to create the transfer payment. Once the payment has been created, the status of the report will change to “Payment in progress.” If there are transfer approvals in place, these will still apply and be required before the report transitions to “Paid” and syncs payment across to your accounting provider (if applicable).