How to add and manage reimbursement bank details

Follow the instructions provided below to add and manage bank information required for disbursing reimbursement claims.

Step 1: Select "Add bank details" from the reimbursements page

Screenshot 154.png

Step 2: Add your bank details on this page. The exact fields will vary depending on the selected country

Screenshot 155.png Screenshot 156.png

Step 3: View or delete existing bank details by navigating to your user profile. First, navigate to your user profile in the top right corner.

Screenshot 157.png

Screenshot 158.png

If you made a mistake entering your bank details or your information changed, please delete the outdated bank details in Airwallex and enter a new set. Airwallex does not support editing bank details at this time.

Step 4 (if applicable): Add additional bank details

You can maintain multiple sets of bank details in Airwallex. If you add more than one set, you will be able to select which bank details are preferred. After changing your preference, Airwallex will default all future reimbursement reports to your newly preferred bank details going forward.

Screenshot 159.png

Step 5: View and/or change the bank details that a reimbursement report is paid into

After creating a report, you’ll see the bank account that it will be paid into on the top left side, underneath the report name. If you have multiple accounts, you can select the purple “change” link and select the specific account you would like this report paid into. Please recall that the default selection is based on your preferred bank details in your user profile.

Screenshot 160.png