How can I submit a reimbursement report as a team member on the web app

This guide will walk you through submitting a reimbursement report on the web app. Please note that your reimbursement forms will likely look different than the demo based on your finance team’s configuration.

Before you can submit a reimbursement report, you will be required to add your bank details. Please see this article for instructions on how to submit a report.

Step 1: Navigate to the reimbursements tab within Expenses

Screenshot 161.png

Step 2: Select “Create report

Screenshot 162.png

A report is a container for reimbursements, which is intended to group reimbursements that may benefit from shared context (e.g., grouping multiple reimbursements from a business trip into a single report).

All reimbursements must belong to a report – even if you only have a single reimbursement to submit.

Step 3: Upload files to create reimbursements or select “manually create a reimbursement” to begin with a blank form

Screenshot 163.png

Each individual receipt uploaded will create its reimbursement. There is no way to add more than one image to an individual reimbursement at this time.

Step 4: Fill in the remaining required details for each reimbursement

Screenshot 164.png

Screenshot 165.png

Note: in the above example, the “Contramar” reimbursement is denominated in Mexican pesos. Because this currency is different from the bank account currency that the submitter requested to be reimbursed into, the submitter is prompted to enter the amount claimed in their bank account currency. This amount claimed field only surfaces if the submitter’s bank account currency is different from the transaction amount currency.

Step 5: Submit Report

Screenshot 166.png

After submitting, you’ll be able to view a read-only state of the report. If you made a mistake or need to add another reimbursement, you’ll need to recall the report, make the edits, and resubmit it.

Submitters can also view the report timeline in the bottom left-hand corner of the report. This will show the current approval step as well as the date and time of payment creation.