How can I approve reimbursements as a team member on the web app

This guide will walk you through how to approve a reimbursement report on the web app.

Step 1: Log into your Airwallex account and navigate to reimbursements within the expenses tab

Screenshot 167.png

Step 2: Find the list of reimbursement reports "Pending your approval"

To quickly find the list of reports pending your approval, you can either filter the table for the report status “Pending your approval” or select “Approve reimbursements” in the summary tile at the top of the Expenses home page.

Screenshot 168.png

Step 3: Review and approve the report

You can either approve or request a resubmission of the report. All actions (submission, approval, payment) are done at a report level: there is no way to approve or request resubmission for an individual reimbursement (i.e., splitting the report up). If you approve the report, it will move on to the next approver (or awaiting payment if you are the final approver).

Screenshot 169.png

If you request a resubmission of the report, it will return to the original submitter to review, edit and resubmit if needed.

Screenshot 170.png