How can I submit a reimbursement report as a team member on the mobile app

This guide will walk you through how to submit a reimbursement report on the mobile app (only iOS is supported at this time). Please note that your reimbursement forms will likely look different than the demo based on your finance team’s configuration.

Step 1: To submit reports on mobile, navigate to the reimbursements tab within Expenses

Screenshot 176.PNG

Step 2: Select the floating plus icon in the bottom right corner to create a new reimbursement. The first field requires you to select a report to add this reimbursement to.

If you do not have any reports in draft status, we will default to a report name based on the date of creation. You can change the default name by tapping into the report field and typing your desired name.

Screenshot 177.PNG

If you do have another report in draft status, we will default this field to the most recent report in draft status. If you’d like to create a new report for this reimbursement or add it to a different report in draft status, you can do so by tapping into the report field.

Step 3: Complete the required fields and create the reimbursement

Note: creating the reimbursement does not submit the report. If you’d like to submit the report, you can do so by selecting the report in your reimbursements list and selecting submit.

Screenshot 178.PNG

Step 4: View the newly created report in your reimbursements list

Screenshot 179.PNG

Step 5: Tap into the report to edit existing reimbursements, add new reimbursements, or submit for approval

Screenshot 180.PNG