How Card Expenses Sync to Xero

Once a card expense reaches final approval, it will automatically begin the syncing process to Xero. The card expense will be synced to Xero as a spend money transaction and will include the following information:

  • Transaction details
  • Attached receipts (if any)
  • Merchant selection (if any)
  • Description (if any)
  • Expense category selection (chart of account)
  • Tracking category selection (if any)
  • Tax rate selection (if any)
  • Comments (if any)

To check the status of the expense sync to Xero, refresh the page. If the expense status is “Synced”, then the expense has completed syncing to Xero. If the expense status is “Sync failed”, then there was an issue that prevented the expense from syncing to Xero.

Screenshot 92.png

Screenshot 41.png

Important notes:

  • Expenses that are still pending when approved will only begin syncing to Xero once the transaction settles.
  • Note when importing assets from your chart of accounts to Airwallex, you cannot import accounts that are marked with the “Inventory” asset type in Xero
  • When syncing expenses to Xero, if the expense is assigned to an existing Xero contact, the expense will be synced to the selected contact. If a new merchant value is entered that is not an existing Xero contact, the expense will sync to a default “Airwallex Expenses” contact.
  • Individual comments synced to Xero will be displayed at the bottom of the bank transaction, under History & Notes.