How can I provide order information to increase my payout limit when making local CNY transfers to mainland China using offline B2B order declaration

Airwallex supports making local transfers to mainland China using offline B2B order declaration.

This feature is now available through our beta program. You can contact your account manager to enable it.

In accordance with local regulations, it is mandatory to provide corresponding sales order information for cross-border declaration when making payments to specific countries/regions. Airwallex offers a convenient solution to facilitate this declaration process prior to your deposits. 

When your account's declaration mode for local transfers to China is configured as offline B2B, you need to provide the corresponding cross-border sales orders for incoming deposits for review, including their customs or fulfilment information. Once the information passes the review, your incoming deposit will be settled, and the transfer limit for your local transfer method in China (offline B2B order declaration) will be increased.

You can create orders and their fulfilment information in advance, which will allow you to match these orders with pending deposits more quickly, thereby shortening the settlement time for incoming deposits.

Creating Orders

You can add new sales orders through the "Sales Orders" module. Please fill in the order and customer information truthfully and in detail.

Adding Fulfilment Information

After creating the order, you can add the fulfilment status of the current order on the order details page. You can increase the amount of the order that has been fulfilled by adding fulfilment information. You can provide customs declarations or fulfilment documents as attachments and submit them along with the fulfilment information.

Matching pending deposits to orders for settlement and obtaining transfer limit

When an incoming deposit is identified as a payment for B2B sales, we will notify you via email and SMS that additional information is required to settle the incoming deposit.

If the deposit is not a payment for B2B sales, you can choose to provide other materials and explain the trade background at that time.

If the deposit is indeed B2B sales, you need to match the corresponding sales order(s) to this deposit and submit it for review. Please note that only orders with the same currency as the incoming funds can be successfully matched. The fulfilment progress of the order will also affect the amount that each order can be matched to pending incoming deposits.

  • When the fulfilled amount of the order exceeds 30% of the order amount, the total amount that can be matched for that order is the fulfilled amount.
  • When the fulfilled amount of the order is less than 30% of the order amount, the total amount that can be matched for that order is 30% of the order amount.

After you submit the matching results, Airwallex will review your deposit based on the matching status of the deposit, order, and fulfilment information.

Viewing Transfer limit

You can view your available transfer limit through the "China Local (Offline B2B Trade Declaration) Transfer method" module under "Transfers" > "Transfer methods". This limit is the total value of the B2B orders matched to your settled transactions, representing the maximum limit for CNY transfers through the local (offline B2B order declaration) transfer method under your Airwallex account.

Transferring to China using the Local (offline B2B order declaration) transfer method

There are certain limitations around transferring to China via offline B2B trade declaration. Click here for details.