How do I access an account statement?

This article details the different types of account statements available from within the Airwallex Web App.

Account Statements and Transaction Reports

You may export Account Statements, balance activity, settlement (including external) and transaction reports via the 'Reports' tab within the Web App. These reports contain in depth transactional data, and can be customised by currency, transaction type and date ranges.


Global Account Statement

To export a Global Account statement, as well as statements tailored for Amazon and eBay account confirmation, select a Global Account and navigate to 'Export'.
These statements confirm all Global Account details in a PDF format, and can be used for confirming these details with third parties.


Global Account Activity Report
To export a report showing all deposits received through a particular Global Account, navigate to the Global Account, followed by 'Account Activity' and 'Export'. Here you can export all deposits received through a Global Account within the date ranges of your choosing.