How do I access an account statement?

There are several different reports that our customers can access and download through the Web App. This article aims to provide an overview of these reports, including their descriptions and intended purposes.

From the 'Reports' side menu

Balance Activity Report: A record of every settled wallet transaction. Used to track running Account balances across currencies.

Account statement: An official statement for a given currency, providing a transaction history and key financial information such as minimum and maximum balance.

Transaction reconciliation report: This record shows a list of all pending and settled transactions, including all individual payment attempts within a Payments batch settlement.

Settlement report: Settled transactions of payments in the selected date range, relating to our Payments product.

External settlement report: This report shows a list of transactions that were processed by an external party, such as Paypal, also relating to our Payments product.


From the 'Global Accounts' tab

General Account Statement: This document serves as confirmation of your Global Account details for the selected account in a PDF format. It can be utilized to verify your banking information with third parties.

We would like to inform you that this correspondence is being issued by Airwallex, not the bank as your relationship is directly with Airwallex and not the bank itself. Therefore, we are unable to provide a statement issued by the external banking institution on their official letterhead.

You may download a Global Account statement, as well as statements tailored for Amazon and eBay account confirmation by following the steps below:

  • 'Wallet' side menu > 'Global account'
  • Select the global account >'Export' > 'Download 'General Account Statement', 'Amazon Account Statement', 'eBay Account Statement'

From the 'Account' > 'Statements' tab

Within this tab, you will find a list of all monthly invoices produced by Airwallex that may be conveniently downloaded from the webapp. Additionally, we will also be sending this invoice to you via email. This document will provide a breakdown of various fees associated with the usage of our platform's products, including card management fees, online payment processing fees, and so on. If you have any inquiries regarding the fees you are being billed, kindly contact our customer support team. Furthermore, we recommend consulting the fee schedule on our website and selecting the appropriate region corresponding to your business entity.

Wallet Confirmation Letter

Additionally, we also produce a balance statement for audit purposes called a Wallet confirmation letter. This letter reflects the balances of your preferred currency wallets as of a particular date (e.g. as of 31 Dec 2023). It is manually prepared so kindly get in touch with our friendly customer support team who can organise this for you. When making the request, please also advise the currencies and date you'd like this report to reflect.