Why have transactions gone through, even after my card has been frozen / cancelled?


This article explains why you may see card transactions be processed on your cards shortly after you freeze or cancel them. 

When you freeze or cancel one of your Airwallex cards, this will prevent any and all future transactions made on this card from going through.

However, if you have any card transactions in PENDING status when you freeze or cancel the card, you may still see these transactions go through. This is because a card transaction in PENDING has already been approved by Airwallex and is now waiting for the merchant to authorise the payment, which they have a certain period of time in which to do so. If the merchant approves one of these transactions, it will go through even though your card has been deactivated, as the transaction no longer sits with Airwallex.

If you suspect any of these transactions that can no longer be cancelled to be fraudulent, please don’t hesitate to file a transaction dispute with us.