NetSuite Bank Feed

Our NetSuite Bank Feed integration allows you to auto-sync and easily reconcile Airwallex transactions in NetSuite.

How does the NetSuite Bank Feed work?

By linking your Airwallex account with NetSuite, you authorise Airwallex to send transactions to your NetSuite account seamlessly. This process generates a dedicated bank feed within NetSuite for each connected currency balance. During the initial synchronisation, Airwallex transactions from the preceding 24 hours will be sent to NetSuite. Subsequently, all your transactions will be automatically synchronised with NetSuite on an hourly basis.

Will I have to pay to use the NetSuite Bank Feed integration?

No, it is completely free!

How do I set up my NetSuite Bank Feed?

Getting your NetSuite Bank Feed up and running is a breeze through the Airwallex WebApp.

  1. Log into your Airwallex account
  2. Click on the "Account" tab on the left-hand navigation bar and select "Connections"
  3. Click on NetSuite connection tile under "Accounting service", and click on "Get started" on Bank Feed


  4. Click "Connect to NetSuite". You will be asked to provide your NetSuite account details to authorise the connection. Please refer to this article for instructions to locate these details.

    Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 9.38.56 AM.png

  5. Click "Next" and you will be able to select the currencies you wish to sync to NetSuite. Ensure that you have enabled the currencies in NetSuite (navigate to Lists > Accounting > Currencies), as failing to do so will result in an error.

    Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 9.43.45 AM.png
  6. Once you are successfully connected to NetSuite, your Airwallex transactions for the currencies you've selected will sync to NetSuite hourly. You are able to edit the currencies that sync to NetSuite by clicking the "Edit currencies" button in the top right corner.

    NetSuite successfully connected.png

  7. Once you are successfully connected to NetSuite, you can proceed to set up Financial Institution in NetSuite. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Financial Institution and input Airwallex under FINANCIAL INSTITUTION field and click save.

    NetSuite Financial Institution.png
  8. Once saved, go to the Format Profile: Configuration sub-tab and click Add
  9. Input the following mandatory values and map the Airwallex account against its corresponding NetSuite account. Click “Save”.
    a. Profile Name: Enter your preferred profile name
    b. Profile Type: Bank Reconciliation
    c. Connectivity Method: Onlineone | PGN | Airwallex Bank Feeds
    d. Transaction Parser: Onlineone | PGN | Airwallex Parser
    NetSuite Update.png

Note: You will only need to do this setup once.

If you have a new account or need to update your account linking, simply navigate to Setup > Accounting > Financial Institution > List to edit the Format Profile you've created.

View the Financial Institution where the format profile belongs to and click edit from the Format Profile: Configuration subtab.


How do I disconnect Bank Feeds?

1. Navigate to the 'Connections' tab on the Airwallex Webapp and select the NetSuite Bank Feed tile to open to the NetSuite home page.

2. Click the disconnect button in the top right to disconnect the bank feed. 

How do I see my older Airwallex transactions in NetSuite?

Once connected, we will synchronise the most recent 24 hours of transactions to your NetSuite account.

For transactions predating this period, you have the option to manually input or upload them into NetSuite. If you require guidance with this process, we recommend reaching out to your dedicated NetSuite Account Manager for expert assistance.

My transactions aren’t syncing, what should I do?

Your Airwallex transactions should sync hourly. If the transactions haven’t synced or you have a connection issue, please follow the steps below to rectify the situation:

  1. Navigate to the 'Connections' tab on the Airwallex Webapp and select the NetSuite Bank Feed tile to open to the connection home page.
  2. Check to see if an error message is displayed indicating an issue with your NetSuite connection.
  3. If an error message is present, please follow the prompts to reconnect the bank feed.

    NetSuite error state.png
  4. If the issue is not resolved upon re-connection or an error message still appears, please contact our customer support team.