What are the predefined user roles in Airwallex Expense Management?

Expense Management has two user roles, namely: Expense Admin and Expense User. By default, all users with the Admin system role will have expense admin permissions, and all users with the Cardholder system role will have expense user permissions. Admins can perform all functions whereas an Expense user is restricted to viewing and editing expenses solely of their own employee card purchases. Admins can also add custom roles to the expense admin and expense user permissions separately. 

This guide will walk you through the different Expense roles and permissions available. Please also see our other guides: How to set up Expenses as an Admin, Approving expenses and User Role Management Guide for managing staff members and cardholders.

Expense Admin permissions

  1. Activate Airwallex Expenses for the account
  2. Set up and manage the accounting integration for Airwallex Expenses
  3. View and edit all expenses in the account
  4. Approve expenses submitted to them for review
  5. Sync expense data to Xero or QuickBooks
  6. View and edit approval workflows

Expense user permissions

  1. View and edit expenses from their own employee cards, company cards or reimbursements
  2. Submit their expenses for review and approval
  3. Approve expenses submitted to them for review