How to set up the Xero Expense Data Integration

This guide steps you through how to set up your Xero Expenses integration. For more information and help, please check out other articles on Expenses and Xero

How do I set up the Xero Expense Data integration?

You can watch our video walkthrough demo on how to set up Xero Expense Data, otherwise, see below for a step-by-step guide. 

To set up the Xero Expense Data integration, navigate to the Connections page.


Select the Xero Expense Data tile to open the Xero Expense Data home page. Click the connect button in the top right.


You will see the following pages where you can select your Xero organisation. Make sure that the Xero organisation you select is the same for both Xero Expense Data and Xero Bank Feed.



Once you’ve selected your Xero organisation, you can review and connect the relevant currencies that you expect to incur expenses. If you don’t yet have Xero Bank Feed connected, you can connect your currencies.



If you have already connected Xero Bank Feed, your existing bank feed currencies will already display as connected.


After reviewing and updating your currency connections if needed, you can then review and edit the expense data that you want to import into Airwallex. This includes your chart of accounts (expense accounts), your tracking categories, and your tax rates. You can choose to import all or a subset of the data. 



Once you’ve successfully imported your expense data, you can customise which fields you want your employees to submit for their expenses in Expense Settings.




Please note:
- In order to configure the Xero Expense Data integration, it is required that you first enable the Xero Bank Feed integration.
- Y
ou will only be able to import your expense accounts and the tax rates that can be applied to those expense accounts. 
- At this time we don’t support importing tracking categories with over 1000 category options.

How do tax rates tie into Expenses?

If the admin chooses to not import any tax rates from Xero, when the expense syncs to Xero, Xero will assign the default tax rate configured for the expense’s assigned chart of account.


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