How do I choose between a Company Card or Employee Card?

This article explains key differences and use-cases for the two types of cards offered by Airwallex - Company Cards and Employee Cards.

To guide your decision on which type of card is best for your use case, see below:

Features Company Cards Employee Cards
Use Case Company cards are good for business purchases that are typically made online and on behalf of the entire company or specific teams and departments. This could include purchases such as software subscriptions, office supplies, supplier payments, and marketing expenses. Employee cards are great for individual employee purchases either made online or in person. This could include travel expenses like airfare or hotels and incidental purchases like coffee or snacks.
Form Virtual Only



Digital Wallet: Google Pay and Apple Pay

Users Access

Card admins can see all company cards and their card details and are auto-assigned as the card contact for the card.

Company cards can also be securely shared with a maximum of 3 contacts to view card details, receive 2FA notifications to make transactions.

Each employee card is assigned to one employee.

Employees are able to view card details, view transactions, and freeze the card.

Card admins can manage limits, freeze, and cancel all employee cards. Card admins cannot view the card details for employee cards assigned to others.

Name on Card Airwallex Account Business Name Individual Employee Name
Pin Code N/A - not required for virtual cards Pin required - can be found in card details in the WebApp
Apple Pay & Google Pay No - not compatible Yes - Compatible (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
Pricing Free See here for your region’s pricing