How to understand your card expenses subscription fees

This article explains fees that may be applicable for your Airwallex cards, cardholder and Airwallex expenses subscriptions.

What are the fees charged on my invoice?


Definition How it works
Cardholder subscription / Expense subscription  This fee is based on the number of cardholders that were active for the duration of the billing cycle.  Please see the fee schedules by region on our website to review the fee charged per active cardholder for your account.
Count This unit represents the number of # of active cardholders you will be charged for. We bill you monthly for the number of active cardholders you have. If a cardholder becomes inactive during the cycle, you will no longer be billed for that cardholder for the remainder of the cycle. See here on definitions of active and inactive cardholder.
Fee This is the total fee you will be charged based on how many active cardholders you had during the month (excl. GST/VAT). This is based on the  ‘Count’ item on your statement, and the price you pay per active cardholder.


How do I see the fees I’m being charged?

You can view your invoice in one of two ways. Please note only account owners/ admins will be able to view invoices

Option 1: Via the webapp
   1. Please navigate to the ‘Account’ tab in the left navigation bar on your webapp
   2. Click on ‘Statements

Option 2: Via email
On the 2nd day of each calendar month, you will receive an invoice for your usage for the prior calendar month. This email will include a link to view your invoice.