Xero Connections FAQs - Transactions and connections


How often does Airwallex sync transactions to Xero?

Airwallex pushes customers’ transaction data to their connected Xero account every hour. 

I tried to connect to Xero but received a Connection Failed error. What should I do?


In some cases, a connection could fail even if a user is actually connected. This happens when the user has yet to select a Xero organisation. You can resolve this issue by clicking “Select organisation” from the “Connect to Xero” dropdown. 

If the connection still fails after you have selected a Xero organisation, please contact our customer support team.





I have set up my Xero feeds, however transactions before my feed was activated are not appearing, what should I do?

Transactions that occurred before your feed was activated will not be automatically synced to Xero. You need to import these transactions manually by using the “Sync older transactions” feature. 


You will be able to specify the currency and start and end dates up to 365 days prior to the current date.


My Xero connection is working, however I am missing some transactions for certain months, what should I do? 

You can sync historical transactions for the affected date range to Xero using the "Sync older transactions" feature. Transactions are deduplicated to prevent duplicate transactions from appearing on Xero.


Would it be possible to sync transactions earlier than 365 days from today's date?

No. Xero only accepts transactions within the last 365 days (Xero documentation). 


My transactions are not syncing at all, what should I do?

If you are experiencing connection issues with Xero such as transactions not syncing, use the “Reconnect” feature to recover your connection. 

  1. Go to the connections tab.
  2. Click on Xero Bank Feed.
  3. Select "Reconnect" from the account name drop-down menu.
  4. Follow the Xero authorisation process and confirm the organisation and AWX accounts/currencies to connect.


Once the connection issue is resolved, transactions will continue to sync to your previously created accounts. 

If the transactions still fail to sync after you tried to reconnect, please contact our customer support team.


I have issues connecting multiple currencies, what could be happening?

If you have multiple settlement currencies in your Airwallex account, your Xero organisation needs to be on a plan that supports multiple currencies (e.g., Premium Plan). 

Additionally, only users with “Admin” permission in User Management can manage Xero connection i.e connect, disconnect, reconnect. Please also check that you have an “Admin” role to enable multiple currencies. Refer to our guide here to manage user permissions.

Please contact our customer support team if you still have issues.


I notice there is also a disconnect feature. What is the difference between disconnect and reconnect?

The “Disconnect” feature is intended for customers who do not wish to use Xero again as it will sever the connection between Airwallex and Xero entirely. All sync history and currency mappings will be lost. A new bank account will be created if you decide to connect to Xero again and you will have to create a one off manual journal to transfer the balance from the old account to the new account. 

Use the “Reconnect” feature if you are attempting to recover a faulty connection.


How do I disconnect my account or a currency from Xero Bank feed?


Disconnecting your overall account from Xero

Only disconnect your account if you intend to move away from using Xero.

To disconnect your account:

  1. Go to the connections tab
  2. Click on Xero Bank Feed
  3. Click the account name drop down, select “disconnect” and confirm.

Note all sync history and currency mappings will be lost if you choose to disconnect. 


Disconnecting a currency

To disconnect a single currency bank feed from Xero, log into Airwallex:

  1. Go to the connections tab.
  2. Click on Xero Bank Feed
  3. Click the account name drop down, and select “Edit Currencies”
  4. For the currency you want to disconnect, select “disconnect” and confirm


I disconnected my Xero feeds and when I connect to Xero again, a new bank account is created with all the transactions syncing to the new bank account, what is happening?

If you disconnect a Xero feed and connect again, a new bank account will be created. Transactions regardless new or old will be synced to the newly created account. 

To show the correct balance in the new account, you can make a closing balance transaction on the old Xero account and transfer the balance to the new Xero account by referencing this Xero article (https://central.xero.com/s/article/Transfer-money-between-your-bank-accounts-in-Xero).

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