Batch transfer template

What is a batch transfer template?

A batch transfer template is an Excel file containing information requirements and sample data for each transfer method that you plan to use to send funds to your recipients. It serves as guidance to create your batch transfer file. The batch transfer template can be generated in the Airwallex web app and stored locally for future use.

Can I use the batch transfer file created before this release?

For users using the older version of batch transfers: Yes, you can still use your existing template to create batch transfers (.csv or .xlsx). When you want to use new transfer methods to send to other countries or send funds in different currencies, please generate a template from the Airwallex web app.

How to generate a batch transfer template?


Start by clicking on the “New transfer” button and choosing the “batch transfer” option. To create a batch transfer template, click on “batch transfer template”.

Choose your transfer methods based on the country/region and currency of your recipients’ bank accounts. The cost and speed of each transfer method will also be shown.

Note: When choosing SWIFT as the transfer method, you also get to select the SWIFT fee option, i.e., OUR* and SHA**. This selection will be applied to the template, but you may still update it in the file later. 

Once all transfer methods have been added, you need to choose how to specify the transfer amount as your transfers would likely involve currency conversions. Transfer amounts can be entered in the currency the recipient gets or the currency you pay.

* OUR: You pay all of the SWIFT fees. This will cover intermediary and correspondent bank fees for the recipient to get the full amount (exceptions may apply).
** SHA: SHA: You and the recipient share the SWIFT fee. This will result in intermediary and correspondent bank fees being charged to the recipient after the transfer is sent.

How to interpret a batch transfer template?


Grey cell with value Mandatory information. Do not edit the cell. It contains a pre-defined value that results in the information requirement for each row.
Grey cell without value Irrelevant information. Do not edit the cell. The cell shows up because the field that this column refers to is mandatory for other rows.
White cell with value Mandatory information. Please edit the cell based on your transfer needs.
White cell without value Optional information. Please edit the cell based on your transfer needs.


Drop-down lists

Supported values for Currency you pay, SWIFT fee option, Fee paid by, Transfer purpose, Address Country, State, Personal ID type etc. are generated based on the transfer method and included in the drop-down list of each cell. 

Example data

When information is required for a cell, and a drop-down list is not available for that cell, an example in the format of “e.g., xxx” is provided instead. You can refer to the example to better understand what needs to be entered. 

How to fill out a batch transfer file?

There are some key factors to consider when you fill out the batch transfer file.

  1. Always use the template file downloaded from the Airwallex web app to edit. The template file contains enriched data that is required for successful upload. If you copy the cell values and paste them into another Excel file and use that for upload, we will not be able to parse the file.
    If you are a user of Google Sheets or other online editors, please ensure that you upload the original template to the online editors before editing. 
  2. Do not change the column headers. The column headers are critical for parsing the data that you upload.
  3. As color coding, drop-down lists, and example data are included in the batch transfer template based on the transfer method, we recommend that you select all cells in a row, and paste the value in the other rows by dragging the fill handle (the “+” sign at the corner of a cell) when sending multiple transfers with the same transfer method
  4. To map the values from your local file that contains recipient and payment information, you can use the VLOOKUP function or MATCH function.
  5. Ensure “text” is selected as the number format for all the cells.

Can I specify different values for the “SWIFT fee option” and “Fee paid by” columns for transfers in a batch transfer file?

Yes, you can specify different values for these two columns across different transfers. 

Can I save the batch transfer file in .csv or .xls format?

No, only the .xlsx file format can be accepted.