How to add your Global Account on PayPal

This article walks you through the process to link an existing Global Account to PayPal. If you don't have a Global Account ready to link to PayPal, read this help article on creating new Global Accounts.

1. Log into your PayPal account_____2019-06-24___5.13.13.png


2. Click Profile to open the drop down menu, then click Profile and settings.




3. Click Financial information, then click Link a new bank account in the menu that appears.




4. Select Checking as the account type and fill in your Bank Name, Account Number and Routing Number. You can find this information in Web App




Finding your Global Account details:

Log into Web App and navigate to the Global Accounts tab in the sidebar on the left. Select the account you wish to link to PayPal to view the details required.




Congratulations! You have successfully added new account!

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