When do I need to have funded my conversion?

When making FX conversions with Airwallex, it is necessary to have the exact amount available in your wallet. In the event that you do not have this amount, please consult our guide on how to add funds to your account. Alternatively, if you have funds in a different currency wallet, you have the option to convert it to the source currency you intend to use for your conversion.

We also provide post-trade funding to a select group of customers, subject to negotiation with an account manager. If you are a customer with this feature enabled, you have the option to fund your transactions at any time between the booking of an FX conversion and the chosen settlement date. If you fail to provide the necessary funds for your conversions by the settlement cut-off date, it will be considered overdue. It is crucial that you settle this obligation as soon as possible. Airwallex will make an effort to remind you to settle these conversions. However, if the conversions remain unsettled, we may take further action in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. This may involve closing your positions at the prevailing FX Exchange Rate and passing any resulting gain or loss on to you.