Where can I see all the payments I have received?

There are four main places you can see all your payments across all Payment Links, Xero Invoicing, Online Payments or Shopping Platform Integrations (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento:

  1. In your Xero settlement bank feed integration
  2. In your WebApp, under ‘Payments’ and ‘Payment activity’
  3. In your WebApp, under ‘Wallet’ and ‘Transactions’ as batched settlements
  4. As a report or export, under ‘Reports’ and ‘Settlement Report’

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1) In your Xero Settlement feed

Under ‘Connections’, you will see a dedicated Xero Online Payments connection option. This dedicated feed provides more information for each payment to Xero for easier reconciliation - such as individual line items for each payment amount, fee and reserves.


2) In your WebApp, under ‘Payments’ and ‘Payment activity’

Under the ‘Payment Activity’ tab you are able to see all payments across all integration methods (e.g. payment links, shopping extension, API) - including failed, refunded, disputed and more.


You can click into each individual payment to see further details including the total captured amount, fees, amount pending settlement or reserve holds.

3.pngYou can also export all the payment activity data into a .xlsx for further analysis.


3) In your WebApp, under ‘Wallet’ and ‘Transactions’

You will see all pending and settled payments in your wallet transactions, with a breakdown of the amount, fees, reserve and net amount.

A batch settlement is a combination of multiple payments on the same settlement cycle. For example if there are 5 payments that happen on the same day, all 5 payments will be batched into a single batch settlement.

See here for more information about how your payout and settlement timeframes work.


For settled transactions, you can download a settlement report with further information.


4) As a report or export, under ‘Reports’ and ‘Settlement Report’

When exporting a settlement report, you can see the detail of all payments, refunds, disputes, fees across your transactions.

Settlement reports will also include the Batch ID to help reconcile with the wallet transactions.

See here for full details on what is included in the settlement report.