How do I get access to Airwallex's Payments product?

Airwallex provides a range of payment solutions to cater to the diverse requirements of our customers' businesses such as: Online Payments, Payment Links, Invoice Integrations.

Our product documentation further details what these solutions mean for your business and outline the various ways you can integrate and accept payments from your customers around the world with cards and 160+ alternative payment methods.

If you are a new customer who does not currently have an active Airwallex account, it will be necessary for you to register for one and submit an application to our onboarding team. To ensure that you have the necessary documents ready based on the location of your business entity, please consult our guide: Preparing KYC Documentation.

If your account is approved, the next step is to navigate to the 'Payments' tab on the left hand side menu of your webapp, click 'Get Started' and submit some more information towards an application to use this feature.

If you are an existing customer, you will need to submit some supplementary materials to access our payment acceptance product. Please navigate to the 'Payments' tab within the Airwallex Web App and select 'Get Started' to submit an application.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide on our blog that provides detailed instructions for setting up this process.

To integrate with our API, you can find all the documentation here.