How to add funds to Airwallex via Direct Debit

*This feature is currently only available for Australia-based accounts. If you would like to request this feature and get early access for your account, let us know here.

To make it easier for you to top-up funds to your Airwallex wallet - you can link your Australian bank account to Airwallex. This allows you to withdraw funds from your other bank account, into Airwallex via direct debit all within the Airwallex platform.

Note: Direct debits can only be initiated by approved users on your account; Airwallex will never initiate direct debits without your knowledge. Funds typically take 2 - 5 business days to deposit into your Airwallex wallet via direct debit. All accounts also have a preset daily limit - to have this limit raised, you can contact our Support Team here

To link an account follow the instructions below:

1. Select ‘Add funds’ on your Dashboard or Wallet tab.


2. Select AUD as the currency


3. Select direct debit from linked account


4. Select the bank account owner from the dropdown menu, which includes the UBOs and individuals associated with your account that you have provided to Airwallex during onboarding.

Please note that you may amend the bank account name so that it matches exactly against the account name recorded at your financial institution (i.e. from ABC Inc. to ABC Ltd.). However, it must still be owned by your selected bank account owner.


5. To verify your linked bank account, check your external bank account for the 2 micro-deposit amounts, which are expected to arrive within 2 business days. Look out for “Airwallex” in the payer name. When you’ve received the micro-deposit, you may go back (either via the reminder displayed on your Dashboard, or by going to Account → Settings → Linked bank accounts) to input the micro-deposit amounts and complete verification.



Setting User Permissions for Initiating Direct Debits

By default, only users in the account Admin role can initiate direct debits. To update permissions to enable / disable users from initiating direct debits, you may:

  1. Go to Account → User Management → Roles
  2. Select the menu inside "ᐧᐧᐧ" of a role
  3. Select Edit role
  4. Toggle "Funding via Linked accounts" on or off



Have suggestions or ways we could improve this feature? We’d love to hear how we can build a better top-up experience - let us know here.



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