How do I create a company card?

Admin users can create company cards in their accounts by following the steps below. To better understand the difference between company cards and employee cards, see here. To create employee cards, see here for a detailed guide.

Step 1. Click the 'Cards' section of your account, then 'Create card'

Screenshot 15.png

Step 2. Select ‘Company card’

Screenshot 2.png

Step 3: Select the card purpose, set spending limits, and configure a nickname

The card purpose and card nickname will help you search for and identify the card in your account. You can configure the spending limits and the currency that the limits are set in. Regardless of the limit currency, the card can be used to transact in any currency.

You will be able to set up the following types of limits: per transaction, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and all time. If you do not set up a limit, a default transaction limit will apply for transactions made on the card.

Screenshot 23.png

Step 4. Select up to 3 users in the account to assign as card contacts for the card

Users assigned as card contacts will be able to view and use the card details when signing in to their Airwallex account. For more details on how card contacts work, see here.

If no card contact is selected, the default card contact for the card will be the account owner.

Screenshot 24.png

Step 5. Review and click ‘Create card’

Once the card is created, it is ready to use immediately by the assigned card contacts.