How to use your Japanese Yen (JPY) Global Account

Account Details

You may be issued a MUFG Bank account or a Deutsche Bank AG Bank account depending on your location.


Deutsche Bank AG


Account Name(口座名義)

Airwallex Japan K.K. エアーウオレツクスジャパンカブシキカイシャ
Bank Account Number(口座番号) (Refer to Global Account details) (Refer to Global Account details)
Bank Name(金融機關名) Deutsche Bank AG 三菱UFJ銀行
Bank Code(金融機關コード) 0430 0005
Branch Name(支店) 东京分公司 For manual entry, please use “ワカタケ”.
If selecting from a dropdown list, please select any of the following:“ワカタケ” or “ワカタケ支店”, “わかたけ”,or “わかたけ支店”.
Branch Code(支店のコード) 841 809
Account Type(口座科目) Checking account / current account
当座預金/Toza Yokin
Savings account / ordinary account
普通預金/Futsu Yokin
Account Location Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan

Alternative Account Name

*We recommend using the default Japanese half-width katakana format for your account name. If the seller does not support this format, please refer to the alternative account name here.

エアーウオレツクス ジヤパン(カ
エアーウオレツクス ジヤパン(カ

The above bank details apply to the collection of local Japanese Yen accounts for both online and offline scenarios. If you have any questions, please contact customer service or your account manager.

If you would like to use your Airwallex Japanese Yen accounts to collect payment from Amazon Japan, Stripe Japan, and Rakuten (via Rakuten Bank), you can also refer to the instructions below on how to fill in the platform collection information. In particular, when you initiate a payment from Rakuten Bank, please read the format description for payer information carefully.

Instructions for platform payment information

Amazon JP


Deutsche Bank AG


Bank Location Japan Japan
Account Holder’s Name Airwallex Japan K.K. エアーウオレツクスジャパンカブシキカイ
Account Type Checking / Current Account Savings / Ordinary Account
Bank Code 0430 0005
Branch Code 841 809
Bank Account Number (Refer to Global Account details) (Refer to Global Account details)
Account Type Please verify with the account number and type of your existing account, and save the payment method


Stripe JP

Please note: Stripe is not supported if you are holding a checking / current account

  1. Account Name(口座名義)エアーウオレツクスジャパンカブシキカイシャ
  2. Bank Name(金融機關)三菱UFJ銀行
  3. Branch Name(支店):わかたけ支店
  4. Bank Account Number (口座番号):Please copy your Bank Account Number in your Airwallex Web App page and enter it again in the below column


Rakuten JP

  1. Log in to the Rakuten Bank portal and search for your bank using the bank code:
    • MUFG 三菱UFJ銀行: 0005
    • Deutsche Bank 德意志銀行: 0430
  2. Select your bank branch
    • For MUFG 三菱UFJ銀行, please select “わかたけ支店” in the branch list
    • For Deutsche Bank 德意志銀行, please select “东京分公司” in the branch list
  3. On the next page, please enter your account details below:
    • Payer Name(依賴人名): To clarify the source of funds, please add “ ラクテン” after your default payer’s name
    • Account Type(口座科目):
      • For MUFG 三菱UFJ銀行, please select “普通”
      • For Deutsche Bank 德意志銀行, please select “当座”
    • Bank Account Number(口座番号): Please copy the Global Account Number on your Airwallex Web App
  4. Please confirm the transaction amount and transaction date, then complete the payment.