Does Airwallex automatically convert from my AUD balance to the transaction currency at the time of purchase?

No. For the 9 direct settlement currencies (see table below), we debit directly from the transaction currency in your wallet. The transaction currency balance must have sufficient funds for the transaction to be successfully processed.

For other currencies, transactions will be automatically converted to your base currency (for example, AUD for Australian customers) at a rate provided by VISA.

Please note, we are working on an auto-conversion feature and will launch that in a few months.


As a reminder, these currencies are supported with direct settlement:

# Currency Code Currency Name
1 AUD Australian dollar
2 SGD Singapore dollar
3 HKD Hong Kong dollar
4 GBP British pound
5 USD United States dollar
6 EUR Euro
7 JPY Japanese yen
8 CAD Canadian dollar
9 NZD New Zealand dollar
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