How to link your Magento account to your Global Account

 Step 1. Opening global account detail page, click + New store authorisation.
Step 2.Select Magento 2.X from Platform dropdown list.

Step 3. Fill in the Store name & Store URL.
Step 4. Get your store Access Token:
  • Log in your Magento dashboard
  • Click SYSTEM button - click Integrations button
  • Click Add New Integration button
  • Click Integration Info and fill in Name
  • Click API - select Resource Access as All - click Save & Activate 
  • Copy Access Token to clipboard and click Done  
  • If your status appears as "Active", paste the Access Token you've just copied into your Airwallex dashboard; if "Inactive", click Activate button on the right, and then perform the steps above, changing Save to Save & Activate
Step 5. Paste the activated "Access Token" in your Airwallex dashboard and click Link platform
Following authorisation, you will see confirmation that the Magento platform has been successfully linked, and you will be able to view platform details.

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