How do I link my Amazon account to my global account?

To link your Amazon account follow the steps below

Step 1. Open “Account details” page (Global Accounts > Accounts > Account details) and select  “add new store authorization”


Step 2. Fill in required fields and then select “+ New store authorisation” 

  • Platform: Amazon North America (United States, Canada, Mexico);or  Amazon Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy)
  • Store name: the name of the store should be the same as the store name provided to Amazon Seller Central
  • Amazon Seller ID: Your Seller ID in Amazon
  • MWS Auth Token: This token is obtained from Amazon. By providing your MWS Auth Token, you authorize Airwallex to obtain order information for you automatically


PS: If you want to transfer funds to domestic bank account in China, please make sure Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token are provided.


Step 3. Once complete, a notification will appear confirming that the platform has been successfully linked.



  • Due to platform limitation, it may not get order information in time when the store is in setting up status.
  • If you find your Amazon store which linked to Airwallex has been invalid, please click "Update" button to reauthorize.

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